kosmickop trailer

yo what’s up guys. this is my game about a jerboa who wakes up in the sewer of a post apocalyptic society with no rules whatsoever. he decides to become a policeman, nobody knows what that is (including him), but it’s cool. a few years later a bunch of creeps roll in trying to tell everyone what to do. jerboa is like “fuck this” and shoots them all. the end. (spoilers)

anyways it is coming out 11th december 2020 unless something goes horrifically wrong. PEACE 😎

Dawn of H’btakh – RELEASE

Good day to you whatever time of the day it is.

Here is Dawn of H’btakh….. wahoo, it’s finally ready πŸ˜€

Download on Gamejolt
Download on itch.io
Oh it’s free as well (or pay what you want, whatever).

Here are some new screenshots (video coming soon- ish) :


Dawn of H’btakh update

Hello there,

I have been very quiet on the development front haven’t I?

Well I have been quite busy, not to worry.

Here is a very early super sneak preview of a new environment I’ve been working on.

Those with a keen eye will be able to spot a lot of differences between this version and earlier versions. Those with some kind of psychic powers will be able to spot even more.

Well, back to it I suppose!

Thanks for your support.

Dawn of H’btakh on Steam Greenlight: