Dawn of H’btakh v1.0.6


Download here:




Mesh updates
Texture updates
More tense enemy spawn frequency
Better enemy spawn placement
Nipple upgrade
Better Lilac spawn
Updated debris
Fixed eye laser bug
Updated Eyed meshes
Torch changes colour when the enemies are spawning quickly
UI improvement
Alerts for when Lilac spawns
Alert for when monsters start to spawn
Sound updates

Despicable Dwellings

Created for a competition at LayoutVR

An endless on rails shooter!

You must save the city from giant monsters

Your opponents are:
A giant orca
A giant cat
A giant spider
A giant mummy sewer zombie creature

No buttons needed, you just look at things and your laser beams will fire in time with the music.

This game goes on forever because you can’t die and these enemies keep coming.


I found this Squirrel eat Squirrel game on my raspberry pi so I modified it to make it difficult and considerable more stupid. Also sound effects but video didn’t pick them up. THE VIDEOS DON’T LISTEN FRIEND. Original was created by Al Sweigart

Might distribute at some point but for now here’s a 10 minute video of me being murdered. At one point I nearly completed it. DID YOU HEAR THAT? ONCE I NEARLY COMPLETED MY OWN GAME, ON VIDEO.