Dawn of H’btakh v1.0.7

v107 screenshot.png

1.0.7 brings in some intense balancing. I wanted to create more of a sense of progression in the game so there is now a lot more variation between earlier and later levels. I also wanted to increase the speed of the gameplay.

Download from itch.io

Download from indieDB

Download from Gamejolt

Fixed base laser glitch.
Move speed scales differently for enemies.
Laser shot frequency scales differently for Eyed.
Lilac stun point scoring bug fixed.
Lilac speed scales differently.
Introduced multiplier for score streaks.
Nipple upgrade (if you aren’t upgrading your nipple, what are you doing?)
New Lilac stun noise
New watch mesh
Tweaks to gameplay
Score balancing

All kinds of other stuff!

Dawn of H’btakh v1.0.6


Download here:




Mesh updates
Texture updates
More tense enemy spawn frequency
Better enemy spawn placement
Nipple upgrade
Better Lilac spawn
Updated debris
Fixed eye laser bug
Updated Eyed meshes
Torch changes colour when the enemies are spawning quickly
UI improvement
Alerts for when Lilac spawns
Alert for when monsters start to spawn
Sound updates

Dawn of H’btakh – v1.0.4

Huge update today people!

Made the dark levels lighter
New colourful graphical effect
Fixed enemy movement bug
Added sound effect: “using empty energy”
Redesigned HUD
Fixed screen resolution bug
Redesigned some art
Added a delete scores button
Improved performance
Removed contrast zone

Download here :




Recommended specs :
Windows PC
2.5GHz processor
700MHz graphics