15 thoughts on “Plasmic Triopathy

  1. Cool! Your digital art looks like a collage, Josh. I really like a curling, tentacle branch. I’ve been dabbling in clay and made tentacles that looked like that πŸ˜€

          1. I finally got our poems posted! Fly helped with the title card. I loved the idea and will pick your mad brain again! Fun times. xo We’ve run out of candy. It’s only 4:30ish in the afternoon on Halloween here. Gotta run to the store! How are you?

            1. wahey. yeah it was fun! great arting with you rummy & fly. it was like 11pm over here. we only got 1 trick or treater but more sweets for us lol. yeah I’m great how are you?

              1. Yay! More candy!! We got 20 kids this year which was nice. I gave away zombie cupcake kits and candy. Since we don’t get hundreds of trick or treaters, we can afford to splurge a bit. I feel fabulous after our cool project!

                  1. Lol. My kids are grown and don’t have time for me anymore, so I think I’ll adopt you! πŸ˜ƒ Hey, would you do some art/drawings for Christmas which I can post? Oh, thanks for the compliment regarding my Pesadilla poem, by the way! 😘

                    1. I am 26 but I will eat your sweets lol. You clearly put a lot of thought into your posts. Yeah awesome I will try to come up something lol 😜

                    2. Haha! I’ll always share candies with you. 🍭🍫 I’m not looking for strictly monster or twisted drawings. Festive or winter themes are great, too. Thanks dear Josh! πŸ’‹

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