16 thoughts on “Pinchworld browser version

      1. LOL – well, I grew up near a fish hatchery that my dad built…so it isn’t that difficult to imagine!

        I have a funny story about putting a fish-hook in my mouth when I was three or four…when asked why I did so, I said: “I wanted to know how the fish felt!”

        It’s true…not making it up!

          1. A fish hatchery differs from a fish farm, in that only the eggs are hatched indoors – the young salmon are released into the wild when they get to a certain size, and aren’t given any antibiotics or other chemicals…they are essentially the same as wild fish, and return to the waters where they were released.

            Putting the hook in my mouth didn’t hurt much, but having it removed sure did! It got hung up right underneath my tongue…and it was a treble-hook, LOL

              1. The hatcheries were to increase the salmon runs in Alaska in the late 70s – early 80s, so yes…conservation was the priority.

                Baby Sep was a lunatic, LOL – and, she still is as an adult! Keeps life interesting, ya know!

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