Gosd of mezzleby,don’t tarnish.
The Gosd will give us the crem.
Gosd please cream the shed too.
The shed needs creame with goo.
What goo says you, goo will do.
But alas everything musn’t fit.
We shal not let it fit in shed.
The shed must be too small too.
There is no way creame and goo.
Gosd will fall with creame too.
Mesh the creame, let us know I.
Know now now now know know now.
Who will let us in the shed to.
What do we will know in theres.
These theres are no longer too.
The task of sleep what must do.
How can’t slep make one to two.
The dots the ghoul thee makeup.
What an hour will do to you to.
Imagine what damage is in ther.
What healing can be seen there.
When the smoke is training too.
Who is the gnarl and the gnash.
Where were wear what and why 2.

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