Dreams Of Dishes v1.05


First boring stuff out the way:
Much quicker load (which is where Jamie’s name is, fuck)
Fixed graphics glitches
New font
screenshot plain

Special moves!

CBP attack
If you collect the CBP (little blue guy mixed in with all the dishes) you fire millions of bubbles everywhere. Why? I KNOW
cbp attack

Follow bubble
If you jump twice without firing then fire the bubble you fire will trace the bottle’s vertical position.

Fan shot
fan shot
If you jump 5 times without firing then it fires 5 bubbles at once.

All these can be combined with the super bubble ;D (fire at the apex of your jump)
super bubble

This is filth. It’s massive. Not too difficult though. The not labelled at all bar just under the score is it’s health.

Loads to do.

Here it is on google play 😀

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